Thank you all for the support!

It's been a grand adventure. See you on the next.

  • Inception

    It was 2012 when the OctoSlugger was created, and when it was shared on Instagram, there was a high demand for more custom fitted hats. Fast forward to now, there have been over 250 Dionic hat styles already. And many more will follow!

  • Location

    We're located in the Netherlands.

    While the fitted culture isn't very visible here, the love for Dionic hats is spread far and wide. There is a big fanbase in the USA, Germany, Mexico and Malaysia! That, is why we are Dionic "Worldwide".

  • Vision

    As the slogan says, there is "a hat for every head", and we wish to honor that.

    From streetwear to sportsdesign, there is something for everyone.

    We might bring in some outside help for fresh collabs too!